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My work explores the connection between the women of my upbringing and myself’s evaluation. Growing up to all their stories, beliefs and insecurities impacted my personal journey as a little girl and still is until this day. While painting I dig deeper into my own emotions, explore my inner thoughts and express my authentic self without external influence. Being an artist is not merely a career or a job; it is a profound and continuous journey of self-expression, growth, and exploration. As an artist, my artistic journey has evolved and transformed over time, shaping me both personally and creatively.


Each artwork becomes a reflection of my inner world, capturing the essence of my emotions and thoughts at that particular moment in my life. It’s characterized by continuous exploration and experimentation. It involves stepping out of my comfort zone, taking risks, and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Ultimately, the  journey of an artist is a lifelong commitment to self-expression, growth, and the pursuit of artistic excellence. It is a constant evolution that transcends any single artwork or moment. As I continue along this journey, I am reminded of the transformative power of art and its ability to shape not only my artistic practice but also my perception of the world and my place within it.


MAFA Chelsea college of Art, Fine art, 2024

BA Coventry University, illustration and animation, 2017

Diploma Cambridge school of visual and preforming arts , Art and design, 2013

Solo exhibition 

 Cromwell place, London, 2023

Group exhibition

Subliminal Projects, LA, 2024

Gallery OXO, London, 2023

Millon auction, Paris, 2023

Galerie La La Land, Paris, 2023

Cookhouse, London, 2022

Emergeast art Dubai digital, Dubai, 2022

Femena NFT exhibition, online, 2022

Jewellery exhibition, Bahrain, 2021

Akoon gallery, Tehran, 2021

Khaleeji art museum, Dubai, 2021

Al Fikra gallery, Muscat, 2021  

Reel Oman, R house, Riyadh, 2020       

 Christmas show, Matti gallery, Muscat, 2019                        Affordable art fair, Muscat, 2019 

Oman art fair, Muscat, 2018

Stal gallery, young emerging artists, Muscat, 2018

Art with refugees, charity exhibition, Muscat, 2018

Art in mind, Brick Lane gallery, London, 2017 

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